Developers & Contractors

contractorResidential Design Inc. provides custom Design /Drafting services to developers and contractors for new homes as well as additions to existing homes.

New Home and Addition Design Process

RDI can accommodate your business needs with a variety of scheduling considerations. Here are just a few examples:

  • Builders often prefer to handle meetings with their customers themselves. They simply email or forward a starting plan, receive a preliminary design, email changes, and receive the final package.
  • Other builders prefer to meet at the RDI office with their clients or through teleconference.
  • Still others simply refer potential clients for plans to begin with initially.

In each case a preliminary design is produced consisting of floor plans & elevations @ 1/4″ scale. The preliminary design is emailed with pdf files. The preliminary design is for client approval. Upon receipt of the changes a final package is produced.

Please email or telephone Dave Goguen at Residential Design Inc. 978-928-5581 to discuss how RDI can improve your building industry experience.