RESIDENTIAL DESIGN INC. proposes to perform professional design/drafting services to include the following:

A Preliminary design study to include: Elevations and Floor Plans in PDF format for client approval. Final construction drawings to include: Cover sheet, Elevations, Floor Plans and Schedules, Cross Sections, Foundation Plan and Typical Deck Details in PDF file format. In Massachusetts, a Wall Bracing Plan is also included.


RESIDENTIAL DESIGN INC. proposes to perform the above outlined services for the sum of  $                                                 with payments to be made as follows:

$                                                   to be paid upon initiating a first Preliminary Design Study. Subsequent Preliminary Design work may be required
and will be agreed upon by both parties prior to any further Preliminary Design work.

$                                                    to be paid prior to delivery of Final Construction Drawings and Reports.


 RDI Authorization:                                                                                                                    

                                                          DAVID J GOGUEN, President



The above conditions are satisfactory and agreed upon. I hereby authorize Residential Design Inc. to proceed with the work
as described above. 

Client   __________________________________

Date:    _________________

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